20 Design Tips Every Graphic Designer Needs to Know


There are some quintessential skills that every graphic designer should have, a great design come with knowledge and creative ideas. but there would be something missed without a trained and well prepared mindset. Here are some very useful tips every graphic designers also for people who work with design to consider and think about.

1- Design for the end user not yourself.

2- Show who your customer is not who you like them to be.

3- Think about different ideas but choose as less as you can wisely.

4- Solve a problem.

5- Make a solution

6- Don’t design based on trends, be the best of yourself.

7- Don’t let the market to force you to use weak ideas.

8- Text is a part of an illustration.

9- Don’t underestimate audience.

10- Do not stop learning.

11- Observation is more important than search.

12- Each project Is unique, and important.

13- Make your design understandable

14- Design with emotions not software.

15- Ad a unique philosophy behind each of your design projects.

16- Create your creative thinking storage with one tool: Observation

17- Use white space wisely, it’s as important as other elements in your design.

18- Create contrast with color, space and size.

19- Forget the word: Pop, make things stand out visually not by screaming!

20- Tools don’t create design, your brain does.