40 SEO Tips & Tricks

SEO tips and Tricks

40 SEO tips and tricks you should do on your website. This article has more useful info than just basic SEO tips so even if you’ve done some of them, you may still need to check out the entire list. we’ll talk about each items in separate posts so follow us for the updates about SEO tips and tricks.

1. Start SEO right now.
2. SEO is a long term process so be patient.
3. Working on SEO never gets finished.
4. Check out search engines algorithms daily for any change.
5. Don’t be a spammer, avoid the penalties.
6. Don’t forget Google webmaster tools. USE IT!
7. Write your content for people not for bots.
8. Creating useful information is a must.
9. Create a sitemap on your server.
10. Research for your keywords, choose the best matched.
11. Don’t forget H1 tags for must important keywords.
12. Use keywords in all of your pages.
13. Use Keywords in the right places.
14. Add the most important keywords to your pages title.
15. Using rich snipers is a must.
16. Keep your website update.
17. Don’t forget images alt.
18. Speed up loading pages.
19. Minify HTML, CSS and Java scripts.
20. Check your website in all major browsers for compatibility issues.
21. Responsive design is a must.
22. Optimize images but don’t kill the quality!
23. Always have a 404 error page.
24. Never forget the iFModule cashing and cash control
25. Use links to other websites and ask other websites to link you back.
26. Create social media pages.
27. Create a blog and keep it update with news and articles about your business
28. Use online content to answer your customers questions.
29. Don’t forget local listing.
30. YouTube videos are helpful.
31. Don’t forget to create a robotxt file.
32. Adjust .htaccess file with important settings.
33. Check out your competitors websites and study them.
34. Find bloggers in your field and exchange link with them.
35. Work on your important keywords daily and use them.
36. Your web hosting company is also important.
37. Choose a right domain.
38. There is difference between your URL with www and without it. Choose one!
39. How to be seen is more important than Ranking!
40. Don’t forget to use your address and phone number as much as you can.

Think like your target customers and work on your SEO based on that, It’s more than important!

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